Frequently Asked Questions

What is GEM GAIN?

In essence, GEM GAIN is our Network Incubator.

We, at GEM GAIN have the mission to reinstate, improve and redesign our Network of more than 20 Advertising websites programmatically while providing always more value to GEM GAIN at the same time.

Where are all your Network websites ?

Due to the intransigence of our old server provider, our old server was down for more than 20 days.

We only had access to the server files after a long, intermitted and exhausting communication with our old server provider. Additionally we had to download everything manually which led to long delays.

We are working to reestablish all of our Advertising Websites programmatically, one at a time, on our new server.

Can I participate if i was not a member in any of your sites?

Yes, you can simply by registering to GEM GAIN.

How can i contact you?

Currently you can only contact us through our Support Desk.

What is an Incubator Program ?

A business incubator is an organization that helps companies to develop/improve re-establish their businesses by providing a fullscale range of services.

What is the Target of your Network Incubator ?

We have over 20 Advertising websites waiting to be put back online. They all need fixes, improvements, upgrades or restyling. With our GEM GAIN Project, we aim to dedicate some time to each of our websites while providing always more value to GEM GAIN at the same time.

Which one of your websites will be online next ?

We let our members deciding which website will be put back online through a voting system. You will need to join GEM GAIN to participate in voting.

What is GEM ?

Consider each GEM as a share on part of the revenue of our Network Advertising income.

Every Network website that will be put back online will provide 3 to 7% of their Advertising Income to GEM GAIN. What GEM GAIN will receive will be put in a weekly pool and splitted among all GEM equally. The formula is easy:
Amount of the Pool this week / Total GEMs sold = amount to be summed to the current GEM value.

The new value of a GEM will be the previous value PLUS the increase of the week. New GEMs will be sold for the new value. Every week GEMs will grow in value.

How we can buy GEMs ?

GEMs will be available for purchase from within the member area of GEM GAIN soon.

Is there a limited number of GEMs ?

Yes. There is a fixed, limited number of 10,000 GEMs in total

How much does a GEM cost ?

The initial value of a GEM was set to $1.00.
However, consider that this amount is due to grow every week.

Will you offer any Advertising on GEM GAIN ?

Yes, sure. In the future we will add the ability to promote on GEM GAIN

When will you add the ability to buy Advertising ?

There is not a specific date decided yet. Our priority is to put all our website back online.

What kind of Advertising will you offer ?

This is yet to be decided. Probably in the future we will ask our members what they would like to see added as advertising options