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UPDATE   June 12, 2024

BullVertigo Codes and Network News

Good Day ,

Today we have enhanced the Network News and made them lucrative!

You can earn BVT by reading the Network News and clicking on a link.
If you want to learn more about the BullVertigo Token, click here below:

BullVertigo will soon be back and we have already created the
BullVertigo Promo Codes:

We remind you that it is important to vote for your preferred
Netwok Program that we will reinstate after BullVertigo:


UPDATE   June 07, 2024


Good Day ,

A new voting round has started, and we have noticed that
there are still  a small number of voters.

For this reason we have decided to gift our next Network Promocodes
to the members who have voted the round only.

BullVertigo is on its way to be reinstated and BullVertigo Promo Codes
will be out soon on GEM GAIN. You wil be able to get them ONLY if you have
participated in the voting round.

I hope to see vote numbers growing soon.

Today we have added the GEM grow Chart on the member area Dashboard.

We have also made a  slight modification on the Dashboard itself too.

Also, on GEM GAIN you may now earn BullVertigo Tokens too;o)

Reminder: Pool Distribution will run on Mondays!

Your Unique Link:

Mark Dosier

update   May 20, 2024

Solanads is now officially reinstated and open again!

If you are a SOLANADS member you can login at https://solanads.net.

We are now working on our client (Francy Junger) websites and, at the same time we are promoting Solanads.

Voting for the next website that will go online is crucial. Join GEM GAIN and vote. There is still over a week to do it! Plus, there are a lot of benefits being a GEM GAIN member - just join and check it by yourself!


update   May 11, 2024

Our new server is all set up. We are currently working on the solanads.net script. We estimate that we could be online with solanads within the end of next week, most probably.
Meanwhile it is crucial to register at GEM GAIN for YOU to decide which of our Network website will be put back online.


update   May 6, 2024

GEM GAIN is open for registration.
It is crucial to register at GEM GAIN for YOU to decide which of our Network website will be put back online.


Our new server is not yet ready but it should be within a couple of days. As soon as we get it, we will start working on Solanads.net to put it back online, as promised.

update   May 3, 2024

We have almost finished downloading and checking all the sites and databases of our Network from the old server. We have also ordered a new server already.

Our next move is to open GEM GAIN for registration. On GEM GAIN you will be able to vote the site of the Network that you would like to see online next, just after Solanads.net.

At the same time we will start working on Solanads. We need to make the necessary changes to the script, and set everything up, before going live. This may take about a week.


As you know, our server has been down since April 9th.

We only had access to the server files on the 27th of April, after a long, intermitted and exhausting communication with our server provider.

We have access on a different I.P., which to us means that there is no Control Panel on the server and, therefore, we have to download everything through FTP and command line, and we are not very confortable in doing it this way which lead to some delays. Additionally there are changes to be made to host and DNS, which causes more delays.

It has been long and it is still a patience game...for everyone.

This however, doesn't affect the databases, and all your accounts will be exactly the same as of the 9th of April as soon as we will go online. All the data are safe.

Apparently the reason that leads to our server being taken down is SPAM. Although we couldn't find our server blacklisted anywhere (check here), this seems to be possible or there wouldn't have been any good reason to give us access on a different I.P..

The idea of having our server blocked for spam again doesn't appeal us at all. We cannot imagine another such nightmare as this one that we (and you) are living.

This is the main reason why we need to make major changes to our scripts in order to drastically reduce the emails that are leaving the server. We need time to make such changes, and we have to do it on more than 20 sites!

Our business have been threatened, and your advertising power zeroed, but we have an idea for reestablishing our Network and make it even stronger; it's called GEM GAIN.


So now we want to make major changes to our scripts in order to drastically reduce the emails that are leaving the server.

In addition to the current need, some of our websites need improvements, bug fixes or restyling. With our GEM GAIN Project, we aim to dedicate the necessary time to fix the email sending issue on each of our websites while improving them and poviding always more value to GEM GAIN at the same time.

We are building GEM GAIN less for the income, and more as a tool for reestablishing all our sites programmatically. Having an actual product helps to offset some of the infrastructure costs we have in redesigning.

We will work on each of our Advertising Websites, one at a time. In return, each of these websites will give back a small percentage (3 to 7%) of their advertising income back to GEM GAIN - Forever!
The amount of money generated in such way is then splitted among the GEMs owned by our members here, making the GEM price always go higher.

Owning GEMs is optional. The GEM initial cost will be of $1.00 and will grow ALWAYS higher each week. There will be only 10,000 GEMs in the system and each GEM purchased is tied to advertising products (TBD).

This is a win-win system for both our old websites and GEM GAIN too.

Aside from the first website that will be reinstated online (solanads.net), the order in which our websites will be fixed will be decided by our members through a voting system on the GEM GAIN website.

Solanads was just born when our server was put offline so we owe to Solanads advertisers their website to be back asap.

A business incubator is an organization that helps companies to develop/improve re-establish their businesses by providing a fullscale range of services. With our Network Incubator we aim to dedicate some time to each of our websites while providing always more value to GEM GAIN at the same time.

Stay Tuned!